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Villa Janna is an example of eco-responsible place. His climatic organic design in fact a building performing at the thermal level. He integrates the use of natural materials taken on the spot, in this particular case the raw earth, implemented by the formed local workforce, for the construction of the écolodge. He calls on to the renewable energies. He integrates the treatment and the re-use of waters, waste recycling, permaculture applied to the management of the site and the outer spaces in the optics of a reasoned and reasonable exploitation of the resources and takes into account the human dimension.

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Eco responsible approach

The biggest complex eco-responsible in raw earth of Morocco

An eco-center of integrating eco-systematic conception:

  • the use of the raw earth (material one of the most performing regarding grey energy allowing to obtain a big thermal low-cost slowness and especially a very good hygrometric regulation.
  • the renewable energies with the production of solar hot water, the electric production by (in class) photovoltaic panels, the use of typical systems Canadian well or Provençal well for the heating and the refreshment.
  • the management of the water with a double circuit of drinking water and non-drinking water, the treatment of black and grey waters by phyto purge with recovery(recycling) of waters for the irrigation.
  • the training of the staffs in the consideration of the societal and environmental quality. Villa Janna is an example regarding successful ecological construction and regarding development eco-responsible tourism.

Villa Janna was outdone by them TERRA Award on 2016, as the brick-built tourist, constructed complex of believed earth or Adobe, the most representative in the world.
Villa Janna is a reference for the intended COP 22 who will be held in Marrakesh from 7 till 18 November 2016 in Marrakesh.

The setting-up(presence) within it of the CENTER OF THE EARTH which is a training center, a structure of advice(council) and technical support for the construction in earth and in local materials, for the renewable energies and for the sustainable development.