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Events and receptions

The magic atmosphere of Villa Janna, in the daytime and at night, will enchant your guests. Parties, weddings, concerts, festivals, shows and exhibitions, everything is planned to make a success of your events and of your receptions: lounges, showrooms and restaurants, lawn of 1200 m2, pond, swimming pool, terraces, monitoring center, amphitheater, projection screen and outdoor cinema. Villa Janna is privatizable in full or partially. Moroccan or international traditional cooking assured by our team or by caterer. Your guests can sleep on the spot (32 beds) + (50 beds the end of 2016) or in a next hotel (5 minutes) in the palm grove (400 rooms).

Cap Fémina Mariage Thé d’accueil évènement Musique Gnawa Cap Fémina Elo Maroc Concert Jazz rock Cinéma plein air Astronomie - Observatoire Kermesse - Fête école Exposition Peinture, sculpture - Vernissage Cocktail - Vernissage - Buffet	Concert musique classique


Villa Janna is a place created to satisfy all your desires, in the daytime and at night.

Various spaces at your disposal:

  • lounges and rooms of the ecolodge, the restaurant and the bar.
  • The amphitheater, the observatory, the outdoor scene and stage
  • The various outside zones, the swimming pool, the pond, the lawn and the terraces.
  • spaces are not congealed and can adapt themselves to all your programs Villa Janna, place of meeting and user-friendliness(conviviality), celebration of events:
  • Weddings, birthdays, family celebrations …
  • Parties of bachelor’s existence and girls’ life, long weekends between young and less young …
  • Celebration of events, arrived from rally, ceremony award
  • Stays "bare " and " united" for the staff of companies or associations … Villa Janna, place of culture and place open to the others:
  • Residences and exhibitions of Moroccan and international artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers ...
  • Evenings astronomy with conference follow-up of astronomical observation with the association of Astronomy of Marrakesh.
  • Fashion shows, theme evenings, days swimming pool …
  • Festival of music and of cinema, concerts of classical music, music of the world. Entrance.